photo by Michael McCluskey

photo by Michael McCluskey

About HAY YAH House Shows

HAY YAH House Shows is a monthly art and music series hosted by Pink Sky. On the last Friday of each month, we open our home studios for a one-night-only show from 6-10 pm. Each night features two visual artists and two musicians whose work resonates and inspires dialogue and reflection. In 2019, we will curate each show to feature the artists and musicians who have applied that have the most resonance, as we strive to put visual artists and musicians in a dialogue with each other and with our attendees. 

HAY YAH House Shows is about showcasing and supporting regional talent while building our community of creatives and patrons. The series is entirely donation based "at the door." The two performing musicians split the donations 50/50, and the visual artists keep 100% of any work they sell. As artists and musicians ourselves, we know how essential local (and financial) support is, and we are grateful for your generosity. Please come prepared to donate and/or purchase artwork, even if it's only a few dollars. The artists and musicians we book will especially appreciate any donations you are able to offer and any artwork you purchase, as it will help them continue to make creative work. The more we can help each other, the stronger we all are. 

Art Walkthrough March 2018

Pink Sky at HAY YAH 2018

HAY YAH Artist Preview - Angelica Hay


2018 Musicians: 

Hi-Ker, Pink Sky, Jes Kramer, Cloudlight, Wing Vilma, Darkly, Bronze Wolf, Queen Bee Dream, FADE, and How To Live Together

2019 Musicians:

Khyaam Haque, Elizabeth Schmuhl and Zach Swisher, Fruit Punch, Lady Ace Boogie, Silent Spirit, Pink Sky

Visual Artists:

David Warmenhoven, Branden J. Redmond, Michael McCluskey, Angelica Hay, Katie Brooks Toepp, Egan Franks Holzhausen, Reb Roberts, Ryan Hay, Matthew Farrell, Tia Wierenga, Briana Trudell, Madison Nicole May, Megan Constance Altieri, Ben Schumitz, STRT/SLCT, Marie Couretas