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photo by Hwa-Jeen Na

photo by Hwa-Jeen Na


Pink Sky

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Capturing the zeitgeist of late 2018 in the US—an uncomfortable anxiety and the search for calm—meditations is Pink Sky’s most ambitious project to date and has a palpable feeling of purpose.

The new experimental album reflects the band’s fears, anxieties, hopes, and visions of the future—particularly in a world that’s facing environmental and human crises.

Expected release: September 20, 2019

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When We Exist - Music Video by Stone Key Films

photo by Hwa-Jeen Na

photo by Hwa-Jeen Na

Pink Sky is . . . an electronic band without computers . . . a rock band without guitars . . . an indie band without a singer. 

Pink Sky performs contemplative, emotional electronica with hardware synths, drum machines, samplers, electric pianos, and live visuals. 


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It Doesn't Matter / Yr Time Is Ending

Pink Sky

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It Doesn't Matter / Yr Time Is Ending

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It Doesn't Matter / Yr Time Is Ending is an experimental, single-take improvisation inspired by Zen Buddhism, our oceans, the healing power of art and music, and the hero's journey.

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